Corporate Responsibility

Safety and Environmental

Responsibility Statements

Motus is a cohesive organization with a single-minded focus on customer service where people and safety come first. Our standards when conducting business include:

  • Emphasizing safety behavior and empowerment of colleagues to recognize, report and correct unsafe actions and/or conditions—then, take immediate and necessary steps to rectify these issues or concerns.

  • Monitoring and improving our services, systems and overall performance with safety and environmental responsibility in mind.

  • Minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment.

  • Remaining proactive when planning and executing business, so to effectively resolve risks that may arise from our activities involving our employees, clients, contractors and the public.

  • An ongoing commitment to safe practices throughout our network, complete with necessary insurance, training and policies to protect all parties involved.

  • Giving priority attention to the health and safety of those both directly and indirectly affecting by our practices, recognizing that no activity should be carried out unless it is considered safe.

  • Maintaining a health and safety program that includes job-specific safety training and site-specific safety plans to identify and reduce potential hazards.